Google Ads (PPC) Consultant

Are you looking to improve your results with Paid Ads on Google, Social and/or Bing?

Maybe I can help…

I set up my first Google Ads Campaign in 2008 and have had a love/hate relationship with PPC Advertising evers since.

People often say to me:

“No one clicks on the Ads”
“My Ads are not making me money”
“I can’t tell if they are working”
“I can’t see my ads”
“My leads are no good”
“Sales were good but they have gone backwards”
“The Ads were working, but now they are not

Do any of these statements sound like you? They are very very common and they are all about trust.  The reason people lose trust in PPC Advertising is because they don’t know enough about it.

My process is:


Initial Audit & Recommendations: – $800 + GST
Monthly assistence – $450 + GST